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PRM Students Accepted to MC Honors Choir!

PRM Choir instructor Mrs. Wichman is proud to share that ten of her students were accepted into the Morris Area Honor Choir!

The students auditioned at Randolph High School on Tuesday 11/14 with over 100 other students from the Morris County Area. The PRM students who were selected are: From the 6th grade: Ellexa Owersn; from the 7th grade: Ariana Conroy, Julia Caponegro, Maddy Kowalsky, Mia Macchiorola, Caroline Nieto, and Shreya Sureshkumar; and from the 8th Grade: Emalene Castellano-Smith, Katie Nieto, and Ryder Owens.

Additionally six students were ranked in the top 10 - they are: Ariana Conroy - #7 Alto; Julia Caponegro -#10 Soprano; Carolyn Nieto - #9 Soprano; Katie Nieto- #1 Soprano; Ryder Owens- #4 Baritone, and Shreya Sureskumar- #5 Soprano.