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's curriculum offers interactive lessons that are customized for  your child's grade.  Each lesson is self-paced and can be repeated.

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 Kiel students must be logged in:

1.  Using your child's username and password found on his/her individual flyer that was sent home,  enter the information below into the orange log in box found on's home page.

2.  The log in information is case sensitive.

3.  After logging in, you will find the curriculum items that are assigned.


District: Kinnelon

Some of's lessons open in a second window or tab on your

web browser.  If the lesson does not open, it is likely that your browser

is set to block pop-up windows.  Please use's troubleshooting

page to help with any lesson loading issues.  Please review the section

called "Pop-Up Blockers."

If you encounter any difficulty logging in, please email me!

Thank you,

Mrs. Susan Gersten

Kiel Library/Media Specialist