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Welcome Back!

Here are some things your children will be doing during their first month here at Kiel…

Word Study- During this month I will be getting to know each child as a speller!  Routines, procedures and expectations for word study time will be established.  The children will be introduced to many different spelling activities.  High frequency word work will also be a valuable part of their word study experience!

Reading- Reading is such an important part of our day!  The children have opportunities to read to themselves and I love to read to them.  The classroom library has books from a variety of different genre for the children to enjoy!  I will be reading with the children during the first few weeks to learn their strengths as readers and their areas for Growth.  Our first unit will be Taking
Charge of Reading. The focus will be on building good habits as readers and
learning our reading identities.  Happy Reading!

Math- The children will start off the year looking at numbers in their lives. 
The first unit in our math books covers Numbers and
Routines.   We will review  number patterns, number sequences, number grids and number lines; review months, weeks, and days, and telling time; practice addition facts, learn to give equivalent names for numbers and compare numbers using the symbols < , >, and =.

Writing-  We will be establishing the routines, procedures and expectations for writing. Our lessons will be filled with them listening to books, sharing
stories and ideas, and discovering that they have a story to tell!  The students will be studying published authors, generating and expanding ideas, and elaborating their stories. 
I look forward to getting to know your child as a writer!