• Kiel School/Stonybrook School

    Code of Conduct


    Our school community works collaboratively to facilitate students’ intellectual, social, and emotional growth.  We believe in the inherent goodness of our students as well as nurturing the problem-solving ability within each student.  Our school environment promotes self-discipline, develops responsibility, and directs students toward good citizenship habits.  

     We combine various strategies to build a positive school culture that will enable our students to become lifelong learners, with an emphasis on the following Full Value norms:  

    • Be Here

    • Be Safe

    • Be Honest

    • Let Go and Move On

    • Take Care of Self and Others

    • Create and Commit to Goals

     We recognize that our students will make mistakes and need assistance in making good choices around their behavior.  Consequences for making poor choices or violations of Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (see Policy 5512) will be implemented based on the age, experience, and understanding of the child.  Included will be a “teachable moment” designed to support social and academic maturity. We teach our students to accept responsibility for their actions while understanding the importance of identifying appropriate responses in the future.  Developing empathy is crucial.

     When students do make poor behavioral choices, the classroom teacher addresses the behavior in a timely manner.  Natural consequences are implemented whenever possible. The consequences can include a verbal warning, loss of privileges, including, but not limited to a “time out” where the student(s) think about their actions, their impact on others, as well as making better choices in the future. We avoid consequences that affect an entire class.

     Understanding that communication is key, parents/guardians may receive a phone call or note from the classroom or special area teacher depending upon the circumstance.