• Drop Off, Pick Up, and Parking at Kiel School



    The main driveway/entrance to Kiel School is for busses only. Please adhere to the following drop off procedure if you drive your child to school. Please know that safety is our top priority.

    Cars should enter the Glenn L. Sisco/Board of Education building driveway closest to the firehouse. Follow the driveway around the extreme back of the parking lot. Pull up along the sidewalk area closest to the playground. Make sure your child exits the car on the curb side. Staff will be stationed along the sidewalk to ensure that your child enters the building safely. Please do not allow traffic to build up behind you. 

    All cars will exit to the right, using the same driveway used for entering (closest to the firehouse). Parents should not leave their cars to walk their child into the building. This will create a gridlock situation. Staff members are there to safely direct the flow of cars and busses. Please listen to their directions politely. 

    Safety is of utmost importance!


    When picking your child up at dismissal time, park in the lot behind Kiel School or at Glenn Sisco. Proceed to the door in the back closest to the blacktop. Staff will open the door at 3:20 and provide you with directions to sign your child out. All students must be signed-out by the authorized adult.

    Children must also be on our dismissal list when being picked up from school. Please use the "Pick Up Forms" linked to the front page of our website to notify the office if you will be picking your child up from school. The "Permanent Pick Up Form" only needs to be completed once if a student will be picked up from school every day. The "Pink Daily Pick Up Slip" should be completed for the day a student is being picked up from school (if not a permanent pick up).  You may also email the main office at kielsecretaries@kinnelon.org. If your child's dismissal plans change after 2:00 pm, please call the main office at 973-838-0611.

    Unless we obtain a written request from you stating otherwise, your child will not be permitted to deviate from the manner he/she arrives or departs from school. In other words, if he/she will be picked up by you or someone else or is to remain after school for a township recreation program, or other such program, we must receive this request in writing. Such verbal requests on the part of the child will not be recognized. If your child does not have a note to remain after school, he/she will be sent home as usual.


    Parking at Kiel School is extremely limited. Parent volunteers and visitors may park in any available unmarked space in the front of the building. If no spaces are available, park either in the lot behind Kiel or at Glenn Sisco. Cars blocking driveways and / or fire access lanes may be ticketed. Our goal is to work together in an effort to make student arrival and departure as safe as possible.