• PRM Clubs and Activities


    Student Activities and Clubs

    6th grade Class Committee

    Advisers: Mrs. Deak  & Mrs. McMurray

    The committee is comprised of one representative from each homeroom who is elected by their class. Other committee members are randomly selected by the committee advisor(s) from a list of other interested students.  Regular meetings are held once a month and include activities that support class, school, and community events. Students are encouraged to take an active role in organizing and promoting events such as the sixth grade class fundraiser, various school events, community food drives, and non-profit fundraisers.  Past projects include raising money for the Seeing Eye of Morristown, writing holiday cards to seniors, and collecting food for the Kinnelon Food Pantry.

    7th grade Class Committee

    Adviser: Mrs. Cuccio

    The Seventh Grade Class Committee is comprised of motivated 7th grade students interested in giving back to both the school and the local community.  The annual students’ activities are focused on addressing the principles of Pearl R Miller’s Pillars of Character which are trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. Previous 7th Grade Class Committee activities have included collecting for the local food pantry and animal shelter to supporting various school theme weeks and decorating for the annual Winter Dance. These activities vary from year to year as they are driven by the needs of the school and local community.

    8th Grade Class Committee

    Advisers: Mrs. McMahon & Mrs. Sutphen

    The Eighth Grade Class Committee consists of two representatives from each homeroom. The goals of the committee is to plan and execute the many 8th grade activities.  Some of the activities include fundraisers to help defray the cost of the 8th grade trip and community service projects to help support the community.  Committee members help organize the class T-shirts, graduation activities, the holiday dance, Field Day activities, and develop school spirit and leadership.

    After School Sports Club

    Adviser: Mr. Goff

    After School Sports Club is a relaxed yet competitive athletic club in which all students are welcome and encouraged to participate.  The program is divided into three cycles.  Throughout each cycle, each student athlete participates in condensed seasons of flag football, soccer, floor hockey, basketball, volleyball, handball, wiffle balls, baseball and softball.  Meeting days are Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday depending on the season from 3:00pm to 3:55 pm. Students may join at any time as long as they hand in the proper after school club permission slip and Pay to Play form before attending.

    AM Band (Advanced Musicians)

    Adviser: Mr. Scanlon

    The A. M. Band (Advanced Musicians) is a group intended to be an outlet for the most advanced musicians of the approximately 200 6th to 8th grade instrumentalists.  The auditions for this group will take place in late December or early January.   Material will be available for students to prepare approximately eight weeks before the audition.  This group provides an opportunity for students interested in performing beyond the standard band class.  Any student enrolled in band in grades six through eight are eligible to audition.  This group attends the field trip to Hershey Park to participate in a competitive, evaluative festival with the day culminating with several hours in the Park and an awards ceremony.  It is important to note that each student must be able to attend this trip as it is the culminating event of this ensemble experience.  Rehearsals for AM Band are held prior to the start of the school day at 7:30 am every Thursday.

    Global Citizens

    Adviser: Mrs. Battaglia

    This is an 8th grade programmeant to teach our children about their place in and mark on this world through research, travel and volunteerism.  The program will meet at least once a month during 8th grade lunchtimes.  During these meetings, we will learn, discuss and plan various ways in which we can practice positive global citizenship through local (weekend work) and distant volunteer opportunities (over the summer).

    All information is available online found on our PRM Media Center webpage, under “Contents” labeled “Global Citizens.”  An introduction lunchtime meeting will be held early in the school year.  Please review all information with your parent prior to joining.

    Jazz Rock Ensemble

    Adviser: Mr. Scanlon

    The Jazz Rock ensemble is open to all students that play the following instruments: trumpet, saxophone, trombone, drum-set, piano, electric guitar and electric bass.  The ensemble begins later December or early January with open rehearsals through January and February.  All practices will be held after school on Thursdays from 2:55 pm ot 3:50 pm in the band room.  A final selections of members will be completed by March at which place auditions will be held  to select the band.  There will be alternates selected for each instrument to be utilized in the case that a student is unable to meet the requirements.  All students are encouraged to come out to the open rehearsals and try their best to contribute to the ensemble.  6th and 7th grade students that do not make the final group are encouraged to build on this experience and try out again the following year.

    Lunchtime Book Clubs

    Adviser: Mrs. Battaglia

    Lunchtime Book Clubs are organized by lunch periods and opened to all grade levels.  On designated days, each Book Club will meet during grade level lunchtimes in the media center.  We will eat lunch together, read and chat about books.  We choose book titles as a group and organize our readings and chats based on group decision.

    All meeting dates will be marked on PRM Media Center calendar and listed on that webpage.

    This club is not graded and no assignments or tests are given.  These clubs are organized for the enjoyment of reading and book chatting alone.

    Peer Mentors

    Advisers: Mrs. McClain & Mrs. Strunz

    Peer Mentors participate in a variety of activities to help support the incoming 5th graders and new students to feel welcome and comfortable in the PRM community.  The students are encouraged to be role models for the entire community by displaying characteristics that are associated with our Full Values and Pillars of Character.  Throughout the year, Peer Mentors are involved in a number of activities including providing tours during the summer and the end of the year, lunch meetings with 5th graders, classroom lessons, and Career Day helpers.


    PM Choir (Proud Musicians)

    Adviser: Mrs. Wichman

    Love to sing? Ready for a choral challenge? PRM’s award winning Proud Musicians (PM) Choir offers interested choristers the opportunity to sing music of varied styles/genres of a high level. The requirements include a desire to sing, ability to match pitch and a commitment to rehearse. The PM Choir meets Tuesdays after school until the late bus from February – June. Acceptance into the choir is by audition.  The PM Choir will perform in the PRM Spring concert, as well as participate in adjudicated event at Hershey park in June.


    Adviser: Ms. Naso

    The PRM Robotics club is open to all students in grades 6th to 8th that are interested in Engineering and Computer Science.  Students will learn the computational thinking skills necessary to design and build LEGO MINDSTORMS robots.  Fall season members are required to participate in the FIRST LEGO League interscholastic competition. FIRST LEGO League teams research a real-world problem such as food safety, recycling, or renewable energy, and are challenged to develop a solution.  They also must design, build and program a robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS technology, then compete on a tabletop playing field.  New members are invited to join in January, when the club focuses on skill development and in-house competitions.

    Shelf Elf

    Adviser: Mrs. Battaglia

    Shelf Elf is opened to all students of all grades.  It is simply helping to organize shelves and books during grade level lunchtimes.  Students may come during any lunchtime to eat and organize shelves based on their schedules and availabilities.  No schedule or required meeting times are mandated, for the exception of coming at least one time per week to help.  Students sign-in and receive volunteer hours for participating.

    Social Outreach Club (SOC)

    Advisers: Dr. Medler & Mrs. Romano

    The Social Outreach Club (SOC) is a service oriented club exclusively for 8th grade students. Students participate in a variety of activities that aim to promote and give back to the community.  Some of the activities include Back to School Night parent assistants, an annual Thanksgiving Feast with the students of Kiel Elementary School, writing letters to the seniors in community nursing homes, collecting toys during the holiday season for Toys for Tots and assisting in other school based and community fundraisers.  Activities depend on the varying need of the local community and school. The group meets periodically during lunchtime throughout the year.

    Student Council

    Advisers: Mrs. Cromwell & Mrs. Jeczo

    The PRM Student Council is a body of student representatives that meet a minimum of once a month throughout the school year.  Representatives are selected from each homeroom in all three grades.  A four member, 8th grade Executive Board is responsible for leading the meetings.  They work collectively with the advisors to promote the theme of “One School, One Community” by sponsoring several theme weeks, pep rallies, fundraisers and other school activities involving the student body.

    Talent Show

    Advisers: Mrs. Fabsik, Mrs. Jeczo, Mrs. Stickley

    The annual Talent Show is important to all PRM students interested in showcasing their talents.  Students have ample opportunity to perfect their routine before performing in front of the student body in the spring.  


    Tech Crew (formerly Computer Club)

    Adviser: Mrs. Sutphen

    The "Tech Crew" is an after school activity which offers students an opportunity to explore various interests to increase their knowledge of the technological world around us. During club time students will have time to complete computer technology projects like programming using Scratch, create a mobile app using MIT App Inventor, video game design using Gamestar Mechanic use Tinkercad to create a 3D printable masterpiece, or focus on graphic design skills using Animation software. Students may also choose to participate in creating a virtual tour of PRM.  Additional details for the "Tech Crew" will be coming soon!


    Adviser: Mrs. Davie

    The Yearbook is an after school activity open to all students in all three grades.  Participants are engaged in the design, layout, development of content and all in-house logistics for the creation, sale and delivery of the annual yearbook.  Students work as writers, photographers, statisticians, fact-checkers and on the computer layout.  Yearbook staff members learn the importance of collaborating with others on a long term project that is significant to the school community. They learn to be responsible for following district guidelines on items such as taking and handling photographs, representing the Yearbook at school events in which they cover and photograph and in meeting deadlines.  Students all get the satisfaction of seeing their effort printed in a hard cover, full color book that will be a keepsake for their fellow students for years to come.