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Parent Resources

Google Classroom Information

  • For the 23-24 school year KPS will utilize Google Classroom district-wide as the main Learning Management System (LMS).
  • We will no longer be utilizing the OnCourse Classroom.  Grades will continue to be posted in the OnCourse Gradebook and can be viewed on the portal for grades 6-12.  

  • Students in Grades K-5 will have access to a homeroom classroom along with access to a classroom for each special area.  

  • Students in Grades 6-12 will have access to a classroom for each course in their schedule.  


Guardian Summaries

  • Parents/Guardians will be added as Guardians in Google Classroom for their students.  

  • As a  “Guardian”  parents will receive communication via Classroom email summaries which will contain information such as class announcements and due dates. (You can select the frequency of these notifications via email.)  

Google Classroom App

In order to log into the app, parents will need their child's Gmail Account username / password.   

  • At the K-5 level, we recommend that parents/guardians add the Google Classroom App to their phones and remain logged in as the student to receive notifications whenever there is a post.  

  • At the 6-12 level we recommend that parents/guardians log into the student account with their student and view it together to discuss progress and challenges with assignments. 

Clever SSO Information

Clever is used in our district to interconnect our student learning applications with a single login. 

Please see the guide below for instructions to log your child into Clever.