• General Information

    Many people think speech and language skills develop automatically.  However these skills are learned, just as walking, swinging or tying a shoe is learned.  Talking is one of the most difficult of all learned human skills.  A child must be taught because they do not naturally know how to talk.  There is more to it than just moving the mouth and tongue.  They do not instinctively know the names for objects.  They do not spontaneously know how to tell you about things they want or the way they feel.  Usually speech and language skills are learned and developed during preschool years.

    As a social being, the child depends more and more upon words to express his thoughts, ideas and wishes.

    The need to be understood becomes an extremely vital part of a child's adjustment and growth.

    Unintelligible speech is ineffective as a communication tool.

    Speech and language skills can impact academic performance.   

    If you are concerned about any aspect of your child's communication the first step would be to discuss your concerns with his or her classroom teacher.  They would be able to provide information as to impact on class performance and after speaking with you, if you agree a referral can be made for a planning meeting to determine what steps should follow.