• Special Education Medicaid Initiative (SEMI)

    The Kinnelon School District is participating in SEMI (the Special Education Medicaid Initiative) this year.  Some services provided for our medicaid-eligible students as per their IEP (evaluations, OT, PT, S/L, nursing) will be reimbursable to the District through Medicaid, with no reduction to the student's Medicaid benefits.

    NJAC6A:23A-5.3 requires every school district to take appropriate steps to maximize participation in the program.  Ninety percent of all students with an IEP need to have their parent(s) sign a consent form (indicating a yes or no) annually.  It does not matter whether a student has Medicaid, please sign the form and simply check no, as this program would not apply to your child.  If you do have Medicaid, please sign the form and simply check yes or no.

    Questions about SEMI?  Please contact the District's SEMI Coordinator: Cordé Reed
    Email:  reedc@kinnelon.org