• Gifted Education in Kinnelon

    Gifted Education in Kinnelon

    While there are many opportunities for enrichment within the classroom environment, Kinnelon formally has a pull-out program in Grades 1through 5 with Gifted Opportunities in Achievement and Learning (GOAL). For Kindergarten students, there is a pull out program called KEY (Kindergarten Enrichment Year).

    Students in grades 7-8, have opportunities for additional enrichment through accelerated courses in mathematics, science and ELA through the schools

    At the Kinnelon High School, there is an opportunity for gifted students to participate in math, Engish, world languages, social studies, the arts and science through honors courses, Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) and Advanced Placement courses.

    At all levels, there is a formal identification procedure that screens for gifted students.