• Frequently Asked Questions


    Is there a way to view my child’s grades and attendance?

    All grades can be viewed in OnCourse. If you need assistance with your account, you can email support@kinnelon.org and ask for assistance.


    What if I have a concern about a specific subject area for my child?

    It is always recommended to reach out to your child’s teacher first, as they know first hand how they are doing in the classroom.


    If I am going through a family issue, should I let my child’s counselor know?

    Yes, please feel free to reach out and let us know. We are here to help support your child in school and offer resources as needed.


    Will the counselor contact me if they meet with my child?

    The counselor may contact parents to discuss issues involving academic or behavioral concerns. A counselor will usually contact home only if they have a concern about your child's or another child's safety.


    How can my child access the School Counselor during the school day?

    Students can ask their teacher to go to the counseling office if it is urgent. If it is not an emergency, they can come down during their cycle class, Physical Education, or lunch period to talk with us. Students are also welcome to email their counselor to set up a time to meet if their counselor is busy with another student.


    Can I find out what my child talks about with the counselor?

    If your child comes to meet with a counselor, please respect their privacy and right to confidentiality by NOT asking what they said to a counselor. You can ask if they have spoken with the counselor, but your child needs to know that they can talk honestly about what's going on in their lives and no one will pressure them to share. Giving children an opportunity to speak to an adult privately empowers them and validates their feelings. Know that a counselor will let you know immediately if they think your child is in any danger or if they think there's something you could do directly to help your child.


    Can I contact any of the counselors to discuss my child?

    Although we are available to work with every student at PRM, each student is assigned to a counselor or support personnel listed on your child's OnCourse account. Please do not hesitate to contact any of us should you have any questions or concerns.


    When do small groups generally meet?

    Small group sessions are held during lunch. There will be announcements when each new group will begin and will generally meet for 6-8 sessions.


    When can I contact the counselors?

    Counselors can be reached before, during and after school hours, though their schedules vary day to day. You call Mrs. McClain at x3014, Mrs. Strunz at x3143 and Mrs. Comprelli at x3015, or email them using the contact information on the main page.


    What kinds of things do the School Counselors do at PRM?


    • The school counselors are involved with every student at PRM in one way or another.

    • Meet with students on an individual basis to address any issues or concerns, such as, stress at home or in school, relationships, organization, test anxiety, changes at home, etc.

    • Meet with students in small group settings on topics such as friendships, changes in families, and organizational issues.

    • Work with parents to keep the lines of communication open.

    • Organize school wide events, such as Red Ribbon Week, Week of Respect, SOAR Assemblies, etc.

    • Work with the community through participating in Home and School Meetings.

    • Act as a safe place in school where students can come to express their feelings in a confidential and non-judgmental environment

    • Communicate with teachers and administrators in order to work as a team to assist students and help them be as successful as they can be at PRM.

    • Active members on the Response to Intervention Team (RTI).

    • We are here for our students in any capacity whether it be social, emotional, academic or crisis.