Course Information

  • Course Progression

    We are dedicated to placing students into their appropriate math course so that they do not experience unnecessary stress or anxiety. Individual math course placements are determined collaboratively by the teacher and supervisor by a thorough analysis of each child's skill set and performance through multiple points of data.  All students will be challenged in the determined math course that best fits their needs.  Please see the KPS Math Course Progression Chart to view all of the math pathways available at Kinnelon High School.

  • Course Waivers

    Students/Parents cannot waive course prerequisite requirements in mathematics. For example, in middle school, Pre-Algebra is a prerequisite for Algebra I. Students in Math 7 cannot complete a waiver for placement into Algebra I because they have not attained the prerequisite curriculum requirement. Likewise, students cannot skip over Algebra I to be placed into Geometry.  However, if a student is in Algebra II and is recommended by their teacher for Precalculus, the student may use the waiver process to waive into Precalculus Honors.  The Course Waiver Form is linked below.