• English Language Services (ELS) 

    The purpose of the English Language Services (ELS) program in the Kinnelon Public Schools is to supplement English Language Learners (ELLs) in cognitive, academic, and social communication skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing and media literacy. 

    Students in Kinnelon's ELS program also have the opportunity throughout the school year to become familiar with the culture of the United States.  The ELS program focuses attention on national, state, and in-school celebrations, as well as recognizing each child's own cultural background. 

    Great care is placed in Kinnelon's ELS program on ensuring that the curriculum meets each child's specific language needs.  Great care is also placed on ensuring that Kinnelon's ELS program conforms to all New Jersey State Department of Education's code requirements.

    The English Language Services program prides itself on offering a rich and nurturing environment that respects the cultural diversity of its students, and encourages student success at all levels.


    Mrs. Marisela Lane

    District ELS Teacher

    Kinnelon Public Schools

    email: lanem@kinnelon.org