• Parent Preparation for IEP Meetings

    The IEP Team is made up of your cases manager, other members of the child study team, teachers, guidance counselors, and parents. This team works together to develop an appropriate educational plan for your child. It is helpful for parents to prepare for this meeting in order to fully participate in the development of a comprehensive plan. Here are some topics that you may want to think about in advance so that you can address them at the IEP meeting: 


    1. Your child's strengths (abilities, interests) both academically and socially.

    2. Your child's participation in activities (in and out of school).

    3. Things your child seems to have difficulty doing such as subjects in school, organization, following directions, socializing, etc.

    4. Things that you feel help your child learn.

    5. Your goals for your child for the next school year.

    6. Any questions or concerns you have regarding your child or the services he/she receives.