• Mission Statement

    It is our mission to prepare each student to be a contributing member of society and to participate successfully in the global community. We guide students to achieve academic skills and facilitate their social and emotional development so they can become lifelong learners and reach their fullest potential. 


    Our philosophy is one of inclusive education. We believe that students should be educated in a school community where everyone belongs and is accepted and supported by his or her peers. Every attempt is made to educate special education students in the least restrictive environment and integrate them into general education classes whenever possible. We make modifications and provide supplementary aids and services to make the student successful in the classroom. Another focus of our program is to individualize instruction to meet the diverse needs of our students. All of our students experience a variety of activities designed to maximize student achievement. Special education teachers focus on individual learning styles and actively engage students in the learning process. Instruction stresses interdisciplinary connections, relevance of curriculum, and problem solving skills. Special Services is dedicated to providing a continuum of programs that will enable students to learn the strategies and skills that will assist them in making academic progress as well as their social and emotional development.