Drop Off and Pick Up at Stonybrook



    • Students who walk to school, use the path near the gym and should arrive no earlier than 8:55 AM when supervision is available. 


    • Turn into the school driveway and continue straight and turn right to follow the line of cars, continuing past the playground (on your right). Supervision will be available and students will be welcomed into our school at the side door beginning at 9:05 AM.  


    • Students who ride the bus will disembark beginning at 8:55 AM. Kindergarten students are dropped off at the main entrance to our school, where they are greeted with a smile by school staff. Students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade will exit the bus at the rear of the building where they are also greeted by school staff. 


    • For the safety and well being of all riding the bus, expectations will be enforced.  Students are required to wear a face covering on the bus. Students must remain seated throughout the duration of their bus ride. Changing seats is strictly prohibited. Please be sure to talk with your child about bus safety. Riding the school bus to and from school is a privilege; students having difficulty following directions on the bus may be removed.   



    • Kindergarten students being picked up will be dismissed outside the classrooms, beginning at 1:20 PM. Parents should remain in their cars, particularly if the weather is inclement. 
    • At the end of the day, students will remain in their class until called for dismissal.  Walkers and students being picked up will be called first, beginning at 3:15.
    • We are limiting the number of visitors to our school, therefore parents are discouraged from picking their child up early. Please plan for your child to be dismissed at the usual scheduled dismissal time. In the event of an emergency, please call the school office. 
    • When picking up your child, please remain in your car and pull around the parking lot as you would when you drop off your child in the morning. Students will be released to your car from the side door nearest the Art Room.