• Procedures to Substitute in Kinnelon

    Please print and provide the following documents to Tina LaTorre, Kinnelon Board of Education Office, 109 Kiel Avenue, (973-838-1418 ext 5003)

    1. Online application -  https://www.applitrack.com/kinnelon/onlineapp/
    2. Copy of original Substitute Certificate or Teaching Certificate
      • If you would like to obtain a substitute certificate, please see instruction below.
    3. Copy of  college transcripts
    4. Fingerprint approval (choose one option below)
      •  If you are currently substitute teaching in another NJ district with NO Break in Service:
        • Copy of your IdentiGO fingerprinting form with receipt attached
        • Verification of Continuance Employment Form (download on right side menu) signed by your current school district
        • Transfer Request – Go to NJ DOE Criminal History Review https://homeroom4.doe.state.nj.us/chr/ssn_lookup.jsp?uacc=1546874368957&pt=4  Kinnelon codes are District: 27 School: 2460.  There is a $5.00 fee to transfer and an additional $1.00 convenience fee
      • If there has been a Break in Service:
        • Fingerprinted before February 2003 – Must be re-fingerprinted. See  Finerprint Instructions on this page.
        • Fingerprinted after February 2003 – Fingerprint records must be archived – Go to: http://www.nj.gov/education/educators/crimhist/   Go to archive application request, $29.75 is payable on-line
    5. W-4 Forms Federal and Nj available on this page)
    6. I-9 Employment Eligibility Form - Please include 2 forms of ID (available on this page)
    7. Direct Deposit Form - attach a voided check (available on this page)
    8. Mantoux test form, drug screening form and interview information will be given when above paperwork is received

    If you would like to obtain a substitute certificate and are a resident of Kinnelon, please provide the following, in addition for the forms above:

    1. NJ Substitute Certificate Application, attach check or money order in the amount of $125 made out to NJ Commissioner of Education (available on this page)
    2. Oath of Allegiance (available on this page)
    3. Official College Transcripts showing at least 60 credits
    4. Fingerprinting - See Fingerprinting Instructions on this page.

Substitute Forms