• KEHSA Committees

    Descriptions of the committees

    Our events are successful with the help of parents like you! Please contact KEHSA.kinnelon@gmail.com with which Committees you would be interested in helping with this year.

    Author Day

    Description:   KEHSA hosts Author Day two times each year – one event at each school. One coordinator is needed to research & select the authors, arrange their visit to the school, coordinate book sales (taking orders for signed books & distributing them to students) and also they coordinate the student lunch with the author.


    Book Fair

    Description:   KEHSA hosts a book fair at the both the Kiel & Stonybrook Schools in November and April. The book fair provides the opportunity for students and parents to purchase books and other items. KEHSA receives a portion of the total sales from the fair. Two coordinators are needed for each school. The coordinators book the vendor, plan the event, set-up activities and staff the sale with parent volunteers. The fair is open during and after school hours.

    Box Tops/Consumer Products

    Description:   This chairperson is responsible for promoting consumer product programs to the parents and community throughout the school year like TD Bank, Box Tops, Stop & Shop and Target. For Box Tops, they also collect and submit the box tops to be redeemed two times each year (October & February).

    Class Parent Coordinator

    Description:  A Class Parent Coordinator is needed for each school. They collect class mom requests in June for the following school year. Kindergarten class mom requests are taken at Kindergarten Registration. They group  3-4 class moms per class once class lists are finalized in late August. They organize and facilitate the Class Parent meetings in the 1st/2nd week of school. They also may receive requests throughout the year from committee chairs to send email blasts to “Class Mom – Contact “parents for distribution.

    Fall Fundraiser

    Description:   The Fall Fundraiser is the sale of multiple items such as gift wrap and home goods through an outside vendor. The sale occurs at both schools during the second month of the school year. Two coordinators are needed for each school. The coordinators select & book the vendor, collect & process orders and receive & distribute orders via backpacks (or a designated location).


    Holiday Shop

    Description:   KESHA hosts a Holiday Shop at both Kiel and Stonybrook to provide students an opportunity to purchase gifts for the winter holidays. The store is available in late November to early December. Coordinators assist in booking the vendor, selecting the items for sale, setting up the event and staffing the sale. Sale occurs during school hours.


    Description:   This chair person is responsible for coordinating and providing coffee and refreshments during various school events throughout the school year. Events can occur during or after school hours. Volunteers typically provide baked goods and/or assist in set-up and clean-up before or after the event.



    Description:  At the beginning of each school year, KEHSA collects membership dues. Dues are used to fund the essential monthly KEHSA programs throughout the school year. The membership person must have Excel knowledge as they will need to update the student list with address/phone changes and payment information. The updated student list is then given to the Student Directory coordinator for printing.

    Original Art

    Description:  One coordinator is needed per grade to coordinate the Original Art fundraiser at both schools which is held in the spring. They send home the art work and order form via backpacks and also collect and manage the sale with the vendor.


    Description:   The program coordinator is responsible for researching, planning, and booking student assembly presentations for both Kiel and Stonybrook Schools. This person will also work with the KAMELOT liaison for the elementary school to schedule additional programming.

    School Liaison

    Description:   This person will be the liaison between Stonybrook and Kiel Elementary Schools. The School Liaison will work with the schools and Board to coordinator volunteers to staff School Picture Days, Ice Pop days, Kindergarten Registration as well as coordinate the volunteers and reception evening for the Schools’ Art Show.


    Description:   One of KEHSA’s largest fundraisers, this committee meets with the vendor to determine clothing selections and artwork in May/June for the upcoming school year.  Sales are conducted on-line via pop-up shops periodically throughout the school year.  Committee coordinates the distribution of the merchandise via backpack.

    Student Directory

    Description:   In September, the student directory coordinator (one for both schools) is needed to work with both the Membership coordinator (for obtaining an updated student list) and the printing vendor to create the Student Directory book. This person is also responsible for distributing the books via backpacks.

    Sunshine Committee

    Description:   The mission of the Sunshine Committee is to support our members in both times celebration and times of need. These events may include marriage, new baby, holiday, new position/promotion, bereavement, illness, or injury. Following KEHSA protocol, the Sunshine Committee provides resources for members and/or their families as requested. This may include cards, gifts, floral arrangements, or donations to charitable organizations.

    Teacher Appreciation

    Description:   The Teacher Appreciation Committee (one per school) plans, coordinates gifts and hosts a luncheon for the faculty and staff. The luncheons can be held at the Sisco Firehouse or at a parent home. The event is funded with parent donations. The main dishes are catered and bakers are recruited to make desserts or provide other items. The Committee's work occurs primarily in the spring and culminates with Teacher Appreciation Week in early May

    Volunteer Coordinator

    Description:   This Coordinator takes the volunteer forms and creates volunteer lists per activity/event and shares with the Board.  The Board members will then coordinate the volunteers under their areas. These are volunteers who can volunteer at Kiel or Stonybrook during day or evening hours at home. Throughout the year, if the schools need ad-hoc help, this coordinator is called to arrange volunteers. Also the coordinator works with the committee chairs throughout the year when additional volunteers are needed.


    Description:  The Yearbook Committee consists of one member from each grade. The yearbook committee oversees the whole project and is responsible their respective grades, making sure all kids are represented in the yearbook, go into school to take student pictures if needed, take pictures of staff and make sure all kids and staff have portraits taken. They work directly with the Class Photographers (Class Parent who has been designated as the Yearbook helper) as they take student pictures throughout the year for their respective classes and upload them into the website provided. The Yearbook Committee also works together to produce the yearbook layout, design and theme and communicate regularly with the yearbook vendor about these items as well. In addition, the committee facilitates the sale & distribution of the yearbooks.