Week of September 5th 2016

    MONDAY    -  No School



    TUESDAY -   No School for students


    WEDNESDAY- First Day of School - WELCOME

    THURSDAY  - Work on your "Me Project"



    FRIDAY  - Work on your "Me Project"  - Due Monday


    Remember that in order to differentiate, each child may NOT receive the same homework.  All homework is due the next day, unless otherwise indicated.    I understand the at times life gets very busy and it may be impossible for your child to complete his/her homework in the time give.  I am flexible and just ask that your child bring his/her homework in as soon as possible, no later than the end of the week.  If there are extenuated circumstances that I need to be made aware of, please contact me, so that I can adjust your child's homework.  

    Homework should take no longer that 20 minutes to complete. (please let me know if this is the case)  I usually assign homework in 2 subjects Monday thru Thursday.  

    Often times I will send home challenge homework that is OPTIONAL.  Students DO NOT have to complete the optional project.  However, if they do, they will receive a point.  Once a student collects 10 points he/she will get a "homework" pass.  The optional homeworks go deeper into the subject matter, requiring a highler level of thinking/problem solving. I do not assign homework on Friday's, however students will be responsible for reading nightly, which will be discussed at Back to School Night.