Second Grade Enrichment Optional Extra Activites For Home

Second Grade Challenge
 Welcome to the Second Grade Challenge page. Below you will find 100
challenges in four different subject areas. Your mission, should you choose
to accept it, is to complete as many challenges as possible.

Each challenge:
1) needs to be on its own piece of paper,
2) the challenge subject and number must be clearly marked
3) a parent must sign each challenge before it is handed in

To receive credit, place your challenge paper in your Homework Folder. For each challenge you complete, you will receive a check towards a treat.   Complete 25 and get a free Homework Pass or trip to the Treasure Chest.
  You do not need to complete them in number order.  Be sure to put your name and date on each challenge sheet.
Language Arts Challenges
1. List 10 common nouns and 10 proper nouns.
2. List 20 verbs.
3. List 20 adjectives.
4. Read a fictional story and complete a story map. A Story Map is a
paper divided any way you choose into 6 sections. The heading for each
section are: Title, Author, Character, Setting, Problem and Solution.
5. Write 15 statements (telling sentences).
6. Write 15 questions.
7. Write 15 commands.
8. Write 15 exclamations.
9. List 10 pairs of synonyms (same).
10. List 10 pairs of antonyms (opposites).
11. List 5 pairs of homonyms and write a sentence for each word. (10
sentences total).
12. Write 15 contractions and the two words that make them up.
13. Write 10 similes.
14. Write the months in ABC order.
15. Cut out 20 words from a magazine/newspaper that have a silent final e
(dime, name, tube)
16. Cut out 10 words from a magazine/newspaper that describe a setting
(outside, spring, in the house)
17. List five words for each of the /er/ sounds (ir, er, ur and ear). You
should have 20 total words.
18. Write a rhyming poem with at least eight lines.
19. Write a topic paragraph about an animal. Include a main idea and at
least four supporting/detail sentences.
20. Read a story and write a summary for it.
21. Write 10 words that have every letter in ABC order. (example: elm,
22. List 20 things that fit in the category of "Things that Roll".
23. List 10 ways you could use a piece of string (be creative).
24. Write a list of at least 10 animals. Each animal you list must begin
with the last letter of the previous animal. You may not use an animal more
than once in your list. (example: gorilla-ape-eagle)
25. Read a book. Write and answer 5 comprehension questions.

Math Challenges

26. Count and write by 2s up to 100.
27. Count and write by 3s up to 99.
28. Count and write by 4s up to 100.
29. Count and write by 5s up to 100.
30. Show 10 ways to make 10 by adding.
31. Write 10 ways to make 10 by subtracting.
32. Draw coins to show five different ways to make $1.00.
33. Draw coins to show five different ways to make $1.50.
34. Write and solve three addition word problems.
35. Write and solve three subtraction word problems.
36. Draw 20 children standing in a line. Label each child with the
correct written ordinal number (first, second, etc).
37. Put these numbers in order: 645, 564, 465, 654, 546 and 246.
38. Write and solve ten 3-digit addition problems that show regrouping.
39. Write and solve ten 3-digit subtraction problems that show
40. Draw and shade four different ways to show the fraction �.
41. Draw and shade four different ways to show the fraction �.
42. Measure and draw/label 10 things in your house using inches.
43. Find and list things that are the same shape as: cone, sphere,
rectangular prism and cube. List two for each shape.
44. Complete a chart on the properties of solid figures.
45. Draw the lines of symmetry for the capital alphabet.
46. Think of all the people and animals in your house. Draw a picture to
show how many legs are in your house. Write the addition problem.
47. List 5 things that take 1 minute to do, 5 things that take 15 minutes
to do and 5 things that take 1 hour to do.
48. Make up 5 word problems that use time.
49. Use paperclips to find the area of a TV/radio remote controller.
50. Find the perimeter of a piece of loose leaf paper (in inches).

Science Challenges

51. Make a chart of the three types of matter. Use magazine pictures (or
draw) three examples of each type.
52. Make a Vocabulary Log for matter. Write words that are related to
matter and their definitions.
53. Pick five objects to measure with a centimeter ruler. Measure and
record the objects. Put the objects in order from shortest to longest.
54. Draw a plant and label the four main parts.
55. Describe how plants in different parts of the world are different
(desert, tropical...)
56. Draw and label a plants' life cycle.
57. Name and illustrate 10 types of plants.
58. List all nine planets in the usual order they are from the sun.
59. Name one fact about each planet.
60. Draw the stages of the moon and label them.
61. Compare and contrast day and night. Use a Venn diagram or this chart.
62. Read a book about constellations or have an adult help you look up
constellations on the internet. Draw five constellations. Make sure you
draw the stars that make up the constellation.
63. Read a book about clouds or have an adult help you look up types of
clouds on the internet. Describe and draw a picture of three types of
64. Name and illustrate 5 types of weather.
65. Read a book about the water cycle or have an adult help you look up
water cycle on the internet. Name the four stages of the water cycle. Make
a diagram with labels to show the cycle.
66. Read about dinosaurs. Draw a detailed picture of your favorite
dinosaur. Then, write the dinosaur�s name and include at least three facts
you learned about it.
67. Write at least 8 facts about teeth.
68. Make an advertisement for dental health.
69. List and draw 10 living and 10 nonliving things.
70. Name and draw 10 reptiles.
71. Name and draw 10 mammals.
72. Read a book about butterflies or research about butterflies on the
internet with an adult. Draw and label the life cycle of a butterfly.
Explain what happens in each stage.
73. Name and illustrate 5 types of animal habitats.
74. Choose a favorite herbivore and carnivore. Make a list comparing and
contrasting both animals.
75. Read about insects. Write at least 7 facts about a favorite insect.

Social Studies Challenges
76. Name five examples of goods and five examples of services. Illustrate.
77. Do some research on America�s flag at the library or at home using
the internet with an adult�s help. Draw four different versions of America's
78. Draw a picture of Georgia's state flag and bird.
79. Put the names of the 7 continents and the four oceans in ABC order.
80. Draw a map of the world. Label the 7 continents and the 4 oceans.
81. Name the 13 original colonies in the order they were founded.
82. Write all 50 states and their capitals.
83. Name all of the presidents in order and the years that they served as
84. List and illustrate 5 symbols of America.
85. Name and describe 5 American holidays. Click here for help.
86. List and illustrate three community laws.
87. List and illustrate 5 community workers and describe what they do.
88. Create a map of your neighborhood or a made up neighborhood. Make
sure you include a map key.
89. Name 10 facts about Iroquois Indians. For example: type of housing,
traditions, food...)
90. Write a paragraph describing what your life would be like as an
Iroquois boy or girl.
91. Name and describe two Japanese holidays.
92. Spell and draw the Japanese numbers 1-10.
93. Compare and contrast Japan and America. Use a Venn diagram or a chart
for this challenge.
94. Write and illustrate a haiku.
95. Write a paragraph describing what your life would be like as a
Japanese boy or girl.
96. Write a paragraph explaining what you would see and do if you went to
97. Make a map showing a place in the world you would want to visit.
Label it with places of interest.
98. Research a place in the world you would want to visit. Write a
paragraph telling what you learned about that place.
99. Name three animals that are found in some other countries that are
not found in the United States.
100. Write a paragraph explaining why you are happy to live in America.