• Full Value- Sorce Airways- click here to read all about it...

    The Full Values are:

    Be Here – paying attention, listening carefully and taking turns to share, staying on course!

    Be Safe – keeping hands and bodies to ourselves and keeping others’ feelings safe, walking in the hallway and classroom, making safe choices, reporting when someone is not making safe choices!

    Be Honest – telling the truth, taking responsibility for your choices, being honest on assessments

    Commit to Goal – setting achievable yet challenging goals and devising a plan to obtain them in all subjects and areas

    Care for Self and Others – respecting yourself and others, making choices to help each other grow in a positive way, using care words, helping others

    Let Go and Move On – forgiving others, working out a problem and then moving on for the situation

    Our Full Value class community is represented by an airport/ airplane. Each Full Value is represented by a suitcase.  If we are following the Full Values- then we can take flight and soar in second grade.