5th Graders Transition to Middle School

    Things Parents Can Do To Help

    Parents should:

    • Provide their children with manageable tasks that will help them develop organizational skills and responsibility.
    • Encourage children to try new things and to regard failure as a necessary part of learning and growing.
    • Keep open communication with your children about their needs and concerns regarding middle school. Don't let their seeming lack of interest dissuade you. You never know when they might open up! Keep asking questions like: How do you feel? What are you most concerned about? What are you most excited about? What is your biggest question?
    • Help children turn their anxieties into positive action by learning about school rules, schedules, locker procedures and the availability of counseling.
    • Attend school functions and stay involved in children's schooling.
    • Support children in their efforts to become independent.
    • Maintain strong family connections with your children. Even though social matters may seem to take highest priority now; they still need and want your guidance, structure and discipline!
    • Be alert to signs of depression or anxiety in children and seek help if necessary.

    Supporting Students in Their Transition to Middle School:

    • A Position Paper Jointly Adopted by the National Middle School Association and the National Association of Elementary School Principals