• CyberSafety for Parents

    " A vicious email or humiliating video posted online can not only be passed around with lightning speed, but also be endlessly revistied by victims."

    Parent To-Do List:

    1) Get filtering software for all your home PC's and your kids' phones. Also, check for suspicious apps and familiarize yourself with their icons.

    2) If you find something, don't panic.  Ask your child why she likes the app and whether she thinks it poses any risks.  This is a great way to gauge her understanding of safety.  Don't interrupt - the more you listen - the more you learn!

    3) When she's finished sharing, explain your objections to the app.  Then watch her delete it.

    4) Stay vigilant.  Set up a family account for app downloads and keep the password secret so your kids will have to tell you what they are downloading.  Casually mention risky apps you've heard about( while you are in the car, during dinner, as you are watching TV), which lets them know you are aware of how kids are connecting with peers.

    Adapted from "Safety Net" by Lambeth Hochwald