• Lunch Groups

    Don't see a group that interests you?  Ask one of the School Counselors to discuss adding something you feel students will benefit from!

    The counselors run various small group counseling sessions throughout the school year. These groups take place during each lunch period where there is interest. The groups will take place outside when the weather is nice or in one of the counseling offices. Lunch groups will generally meet for 6-8 sessions depending on the nature of the group.

    Below are some of the groups that are offered, but not limited to:

    Relax Lunch Group: Learn mindfulness strategies and other stress-reducing strategies.

    Friends and Games: a place to meet new students and expand their social circle, or connect with their friends while playing board games. Students can look forward to having fun and getting to know their other classmates.

    Changing Families: Whether it's divorce or a loss in the family, this is a safe space where students can discuss their feelings.

    Empowerment: a group for students who want to gain some self-esteem and learn to self-advocate.

    Study Skills and Time Management: for students who would like to help with managing their academics and extra-curricular activities.

    Journaling: students can learn how to express themselves and let their imagination be set free while learning to gather their thoughts and put them on paper. Whether it be words or pictures, journaling is a form of self-expression.