• The Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Department


    "We envision instruction that provides differentiated opportunities to enhance the growth and talent of each student." 

    -Kinnelon Public School District Administrators

    The goals of the Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Department are to:

    Promote staff development by: 

    • Creating a culture of continual professional growth
    • Supporting staff as they obtain and refine skills and knowledge to improve their instructional or administrative practice

    Provide curricular leadership by:

    • Developing leadership among teaching staff
    • Supporting school principals in their roles as instructional leaders
    • Engaging in a continual cycle to design, develop, implement,
      evaluate and refine curriculum
    • Modeling research-based, student-centered instructional practices

    The Curriculum Department coordinates district programs and supplements the work done in individual schools in Kinnelon. The Curriculum staff works with teachers and administrators to update curriculum based on student needs, the New Jersey Student Learning Standards, and post-secondary expecations.

    Additionally, the department creates district professional learning opportunities that improve instructional and assessment practices. Professional learning for teachers is offered across the grades and disciplines focusing on content, differentiation of instructional strategies, interdisciplinary transference, and the integration of technology. Kinnelon teachers have participated in local and state workshops, after-school programs, summer institutes, and graduate courses, as well as summer curriculum development projects.

    In maintaining the Kinnelon mission of providing quality instruction for all students, district offerings round out our programs.The Child Study Team provides services to students with Individual Education Plans so their needs are met in a least restrictive environment. English as a Second Language addresses the needs of students who are their proficiency with the English language with courses that concentrate first on basic English language acquisition, and then on fluency necessary for academic success. The district continues to monitor and develop support programs and learning opportunities that meet the needs of our students, preparing them to be productive citizens and lifelong learners.


    Kinnelon students take a variety of standardized assessments during their academic careers. While standardized assessments are an important and necessary indicator of academic progress, the results they produce must be kept in context with how students perform longitudinally.

    See the District Assessment Calendar for scheduled assessments. Standardized assessments students take are listed below. For more information on them, click on the links.

    ACCESS for ELLs 2.0
    Advanced Placement
    APA Science
    DLM ELA and Math
    Grade 8 Technology Literacy
    NJASK 4 and 8 Science